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9/11 NEVER FORGET mobile exhibit arrival at Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum

September 9, 2014 – Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum

West Michigan was honored to have the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation’s “9/11 NEVER FORGET” mobile exhibit as part of the September 11, 2014 Scout Salute at the Museum. The traveling exhibit arrived via convoy with Grand Rapids and Kent County First Responders, motorcycle groups including Patriot Guard Riders, Rolling Thunder, Axemen, Warthogs and also Boy Scouts of America from the President Ford Council. The Boy Scouts led the West Michigan community in a day-long “Scout Salute” at the Museum on September 11th to pay respect to all those who died during the terrorist attacks. The Day of Remembrance has been held each year from sunrise to sunset since September 12, 2002.

James Baker 2014 William E. Simon Lecture Series

July 14, 2014 – Amway Grand Plaza Hotel in Grand Rapids, Michigan

James A. Baker III, former Secretary of State and Foundation Trustee, was the keynote speaker for the 2014 William E. Simon Lecture Series and COL Ralph E. Hauenstein Fellowship. Baker began his remarks speaking of his friend President Gerald R. Ford. When Ford took office, Baker stated the nation was weary of war and Watergate, inflation was high, and the economy was not doing well. And at this moment in American history, a Midwestern became President, a President of honor and integrity. Ford’s selflessness was his greatest trait Baker believed, for example as his advisors warned him that pardoning Richard Nixon would hurt Ford in the 1976 Election but he did it because he wanted the nation to move forward from the troubling time it was going through.

Annual Wreath Laying at the Tomb of Gerald R. Ford

July 14, 2014 – Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Susan Ford Bales, daughter of Gerald and Betty Ford and Foundation Trustee, hosted the annual wreath laying at the burial site of Gerald R. Ford at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This ceremony honored the 101st anniversary of the birth of Gerald R. Ford. Shortly after the passing of Gerald R. Ford, Mrs. Betty Ford asked that a wreath laying ceremony be conducted on her behalf. This was the 8th consecutive ceremony celebrated on Gerald R. Ford’s birthday. Susan thanked former Secretary of State and Foundation Trustee James Baker who traveled over 14 hours from across the globe to participate in honoring her father.

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