Library and Museum

The Gerald R. Ford Presidential Foundation supports permanent and changing exhibits designed to promote historical literacy; conferences; educational outreach and other programs, both scholarly and popular, including at the Gerald R. Ford Library and Museum. The Foundation also provide assistance to the Library and Museum so their staff can continue the preservation of Gerald R. Ford’s life ensuring future generations the opportunity to research, learn and explore.

The Gerald R. Ford Library is located in Ann Arbor Michigan, on the campus of the University of Michigan. The Library collects, preserves, and makes accessible to the public a rich body of archival materials on U.S. domestic issues, foreign relations, and political affairs during the Cold War era. Current holdings include 23 million pages of memos, letters, meeting notes, reports, and other historical documents. Also there are one-half million audiovisual items, including photographs, videotapes of news broadcasts, audiotapes of speeches and press briefings, film of public events, and televised campaign commercials.

The Gerald R. Ford Museum is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on the banks of the Grand River. The Museum hosts permanent exhibits, which highlight the lives of President and Mrs. Ford. Permanent Exhibits include Young Gerald Ford, The Oval Office, 1970s: Gerald Ford’s America, Constitution in Crisis and The Cabinet Room. Temporary exhibits draw from the rich holdings of the entire Presidential libraries system, the Smithsonian Institution, the National Archives, and others. The Museum also organizes guest speakers, special events, hosts naturalization ceremonies for new citizens, and opens the grounds to the community festivities and fireworks on the Fourth of July.

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